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Last spring my husband and I travelled for the first time to Japan. We arrived at Kyoto by train and checked-in in a small hostel at Gion district. A lovely place in a pedestrian street with red paper lanterns and old-style houses.

It was a rainy evening, the streets were almost empty and we only saw a small restaurant with no-photo menu and no English signs in the facade. We sat at the bar and asked for food, a difficult task given a bad combination of us not speaking japanese and them not understanding english. While we’re looking at the cooks preparing our meal our waitress suddenly stopped and screamed at the door. A geisha entered!l The restaurant workers were extremely happy with her visit.

The geisha was curious about us and asked a lot of questions about where we were from. When she didn’t know some word in English she explained with sign language. We were fascinated with her, her make up and clothes were perfect and she was so delicate in her moves. She didn’t eat much but drank a lot of sake and beer.

We finished our unexpected dinner with the geisha and one cooker asked to take a photo with us. We also wanted a photo with the geisha but we thought it wasn’t polite, she was dressed to eat with some clothes off and paper napkins to protect the rest of her dress. That’s why there is no geisha photo, she is only in our memories!

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